The Fedora is a classic piece of headwear with its distinguished wide-brimmed, felt hat with a tall crown. An original fedora hat is made from rabbit fur however these days, fedoras are commonly made from wool, felt, and cashmere. There is a fabric or a ribbon band that sits just above the brim of fedoras and some fedoras come with a feather on the bow of the ribbon band. A fedora’s brim is worn angled down in the front and up in the back. Ideally, a fedora hat should not be worn with sunglassess as its wide brim protects the eyes from the sun.

The fedora hat takes its name from the stage play Fedora performed in Paris in 1882, written by the French playwright Victorien Sardou. Princess Fedora, the heroine of the play, wore a similar hat onstage and this style of hat started to be known as Fedora from then on.

At the beginning of the 1900’s, the fedora was adopted by gangsters and became associated with mafia leaders. In 1924, Prince Edward VII wore the hat and it became very popular, as the Prince himself was a legend in menswear, leading men to wear fedoras instead bowler hats. Popularity of the fedora hats sharply increased in the 1920’s reaching its peak during the 1940’s only to eventually start declining by the 1950’s.

Nowadays, it is not easy to come across with a man wearing a fedora hat as this classic piece of garment has gone out of fashion. However, any gentleman who really loves classic style and pays attention to details, should own at least one fedora made from original rabbit fur felt.

Ultimately, after talking about the historical background of the iconic fedora hat, it is good to provide information on the hat makers producing fedoras at the highest quality.

Some Fedora Hat Makers:

Bates Hats: Bates Hatters was established in 1898 in London, England and is still one of the best-known hat makers in the industry.

Borsalino: Borsalino was set up in 1857 in Alessandria, Italy. Especially known for its iconic fedora hats, Borsalino makes fine trilby hats and other hat models as well. Apart from being the name of the company, the dictionary meaning of Borsalino is a wide-brimmed fedora hat, which was named after Borsalino started producing this style of hats. Today, almost all hatters have their own models called Borsalino.

Christys’ London: Christys’ London was founded in 1773 and still produces different types of hats, as well as fedora hats.

Laird Hatters: Laird Hatters was established as a ready-made hat maker in 2009 in London. Being quite a new brand, Laird Hatters also makes bespoke hats in various styles for individual customers, movies, and television shows. The fabrics used in the production processes are sourced from British cloth manufacturers and the company has four shops in England – three in London and one in Cambridge.

Lock & Co Hatters: Lock & Co. was set up in 1676 in the heart of London. Being the oldest hat maker in the world, Lock & Co. is managed by the founding family. The company is famous for its fedoras, trilby hats, and the iconic Coke hat, also known as the Bowler hat.

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