Cem Ekrem Custom Shirtmaker is a bespoke shirt making atelier offering flawless bespoke shirts in Osmanbey, Istanbul, Turkey. Cem Ekrem started his career at his dad’s shirt workshop when he was young.

Cem Ekrem learned every specific detail of the shirt making processes and improved his tailoring skills while working with his dad before moving to Switzerland for two years to finalise his education. Ekrem had a chance to get involved in the production phases of the shirting fabrics at the Alumo factory, one of the best shirting manufacturers in the world, while studying. It was a great opportunity for Ekrem to learn the technique details of the different type of shirting fabrics while interning at Alumo before eventually returning to his hometown to set up his own shirt workroom in 1993.

Cem Ekrem Custom Shirtmaker makes its beautiful shirts in the way of the traditional shirt making rules. The paper patterns and fabrics are cut by Cem Ekrem himself and the fabric is sewn together by the in-house team. Controlling the entire process under the same roof, Cem Ekrem Custom Shirtmaker pays attention to every tiny detail to create timeless shirts with more than sixty years family tradition in the shirt making industry.

Cem Ekrem Custom Shirtmaker offers Söktaş, the only global shirting manufacturer in Turkey, and Alumo swatch books to its clients as the Ekrem family has been the licensor of Swiss Alumo in Turkey since 1984. Customers can also bring their own shirting fabrics and are only responsible for paying for the craftsmanship.

From my point of view, a man who falls in love with bespoke tailoring should invest in well-cut shirts to complement their suits. As far as I have experienced, Cem Ekrem Custom Shirtmaker shirts are impeccable and are made of high-quality materials with a high level of workmanship.

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